2 Dates Every Day for A Week Will Completely Transform Your Body

2 Dates Every Day for A Week Will Completely Transform Your Body

We all know dates, that small chewy and sweet healthy and nutritional fruit that we usually just ignore. They are originally grown in tropical climates far away from America. They travel a long distance just to be on our tables. Since they are grown far away and take quite a lot of time to reach here, they reach in a dry form with concentrated sweetness. They are extremely healthy for us and should no doubt, be consumed more on a daily basis.

There are many nutritional benefits of having dates. Just one serving of dates can fill up half of your daily intake of potassium along with a good quantity of fiber, protein, copper, vitamin B6 and can even provide important antioxidants to your body, among many other benefits.

Fresh dares are usually very bright in color (in between red and yellow) however, since we get to consume them in dried form, the only color we receive is a golden-brown hue. There are around 3000 types of different dates worldwide.

As discussed, it is packed with nutrition. The challenge is to eat two dates for a week straight and here we have gathered some amazing possibilities that could happen to your body as a result!

1. Better Digestion

2 Dates Every Day for A Week Will Completely Transform Your Body

The fact that dates have a hefty amount of fiber in them, 7 Grams of fiber per serving. Fiber is a very important component of your diet and it is the reason behind most of us having a healthy digestive system. Fiber basically adds bulk to your stool and that helps it to push all the waste out of our colon more easily and quickly. It can even help you if you’re trying to lose weight.

Have a good amount of fiber in your everyday diet is always a good option and can be inculcated in your diet by chopping up some dates and sprinkling it on your oatmeal! However, special care should be given if you currently have low amount of fiber intake as taking in large amounts of it all at once might prove to be a recipient towards disaster as it could make you severely constipated.

2. Sustained levels of energy

2 Dates Every Day for A Week Will Completely Transform Your Body

There’s no surprise here that dates are quite sweet. But what may come as a surprise is that the fact that dates don’t spike your blood sugar level. The credits go to the fiber in your dates. Fiber basically evens out the rate at which sugar mixes with your blood stream. There isn’t a certain spike in energy that you feel after having dates rather it’s a very sustained and a slow process at which you’re able to feel energized. This is one of the reasons why dates are called a low glycemic food. This means that it slowly releases sugar into your blood stream so in controlled amounts, it’s not dangerous even for people with diabetes.

3. Significant Disease Prevention

2 Dates Every Day for A Week Will Completely Transform Your Body

As already mentioned, dates have a significant number of many different antioxidants. Antioxidants basically are capable of neutralizing free radicals in our body. If the free radicals in our body are not neutralized, it increases the risk of us getting many common diseases which otherwise we could have avoided. Among the many related familiar fruits like dates, it is dates that have the highest number of antioxidants. There are three main types of antioxidants in dates;

Flavonoids: they have been studied in great detail and it is found that they reduce inflammation in the body, along with the reduction of diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and some certain types of cancers as well.

Carotenoids: they basically work to help your heart and protect it so it can function properly, they also help to protect the functioning of your eyes.

Phenolic Acid: This is an anti-inflammatory as well and is known to help with heart diseases or even some types of cancers.

The reason why anti-inflammatories are extremely important is that most diseases known to us have a factor of chronic inflammation. So, including antioxidants and anti-inflammatory food in your diet is extremely important.

4. Helps with age-related mental decline.

2 Dates Every Day for A Week Will Completely Transform Your Body

As we get older, after a certain age, our brains stop developing further and start becoming pretty slow. This is almost always linked to a person’s age. We have to protect our minds from ageing too quickly ourselves. Having a weak diet can further quicken the process. Therefore, it should be made sure that a person has a nutritious diet so they can keep challenging their brain to keep it active. A study found that one of the reasons why Alzheimer’s occurs is that there are grey markers in our minds which become inflamed. As discussed, dates have very good anti-inflammatory properties, so it helps with it.

Many animals studies and experiments have also been conducted regarding dates where it was concluded that dates basically prevent the formation of amyloid beta protein plaques in the brain which basically disrupt the communication between one’s brain and the cells of one’s body. This leads to the cells dying off prematurely and at a faster rate. Another study showed a mouse being fed on dates had better learning capacities, stronger memory and even lesser anxiety!

5. Healthier than white sugar

2 Dates Every Day for A Week Will Completely Transform Your Body

The obesity epidemic throughout the world can be blamed to a very extent, on the overconsumption of sugar. Doctors have been warning people for years, but it seems that even people that are trying to consume a healthier diet fall to its prey since refined sugar is present in almost everything. The only comparatively safer way is to cook completely at home.

As a proposed solution to this, we can safely say dates are an excellent replacement of sugar. If you’re craving a sweet treat and do not want to be completely unhealthy, having a date as a sweet treat is a very good option.

Other than this, dates can be replaced as sugar while baking. It can be done by blending dates with water until you get a paste with a thick consistency. It can be used in place of sugar, 1:1. This date paste is equally high in calories as well, but it also contains healthy fibers and antioxidants which makes it more nutritional and healthier, unlike sugar.

6. Conclusion

2 Dates Every Day for A Week Will Completely Transform Your Body

Dares are an excellent substitute to all other unhealthy means of having your daily sugar intake. So, chop them up for your salad, use dates instead of sugar for your cookies or even eat dates as a whole if you want to. Use it as a nutritional snack. You will feel a healthier and a much more energized you are coming through. Since dates are high in calories, we recommend only 2 per day. But luckily, that is more than enough for a complete change in you.