6 Daily Habits That Should Cause of Your Acne Problem

6 Daily Habits That Should Cause of Your Acne Problem

You have a special event coming up and everything’s planned; your whole outfit, along with the perfect shoes and matching earrings. You wake up and all of a sudden you see this huge pimple on your face with a head of its own. Bummer, right? You rush all of a sudden to get an acne cream or the best and the most reliable acne treatment. But nothing helps your problem and you have to go to the awaited event just like that.

To fix your acne problem, you must first know the reason behind it. While genetics do play a role in your skin conditions, but there are 6 other important factors that might be to blame for it.

1. Not washing your face properly

6 Daily Habits That Should Cause of Your Acne Problem

Most of us aren’t aware of how often we should wash our face. Many of us just wash it once in the morning and leave it at that. However, washing your face just once isn’t enough to deal with the impurities that our face gathers throughout the day.

Another important factor is we don’t tend to pay enough attention to the type of facial cleanser that we are using. Every skin is different and requires a different type of a facial cleanser accordingly.

It is also very important to pat dry your face rather than rubbing your towel all over your face. This could lead to your skin getting tears and your pores opening which could eventually lead to more acne.

2. You are what you eat!

6 Daily Habits That Should Cause of Your Acne Problem

The importance of a healthy diet cannot be ignored and should be taken into serious consideration if you’re facing cystic acne. There are certain foods that one should try avoiding in general like sugary foods. This basically leads to an insulin rise in your body due to which you can feel your face swelling. This further leads to an unstable ground which makes it easier for your pimples to come up whenever they want to. One should look out for starch and carbohydrates as well as they increase the effect of sugar on your body.

3. Too much of Dairy Products?

6 Daily Habits That Should Cause of Your Acne Problem

People who consume too much of dairy products know all too well of the horrors that come with it. Milk basically has a hormone called IGF-1 which is not very friendly towards people with acne-prone skin.

Milk also leads to a rise in insulin in your body which eventually leads to acne on your face or elsewhere. Dairy products also tend to tune your face into producing more sebum/oil than it actually needs. This in turn clogs your pores which leads to severe blackheads and pimples, both.

4. Too much screen-time

6 Daily Habits That Should Cause of Your Acne Problem

It might come as a shocker, but several studies have revealed that our screens are more often than not, dirtier than our toilet seats. Yikes!

If we connect the dots here, we can see how regularly we touch our phones to our cheeks and also use our hands for the phone and then the same hands go on our faces. We can see how this could be a possibility and add up to your acne problem as well. Keeping screens is extremely important so it would be wise to invest in a good screen cleaner.

5. Stress

6 Daily Habits That Should Cause of Your Acne Problem

Stress is a normal part of life for everybody. But for some people, it goes to measures beyond their control. Meaning that some people’s skin is more receptive to their stress hormones which leads to more sebum being produced. As discussed earlier, more sebum than needed is bad for your skin as it clogs your pores. This leads to severe blackheads and acne formation.

Stress also leads to some people resorting towards stress eating. It can either be in the face of eating unhealthy food or eating too much. Both of these cause problems for your skin in the long term as it adds to the problems related to acne.

So instead of later planning to get rid of your acne scars with extreme measures like laser acne scar removals, maybe try coping with your stress in a little healthier way?

6. Dirty environment

6 Daily Habits That Should Cause of Your Acne Problem

As boring as it sounds, do your laundry! And this doesn’t only include your clothes but your sheets and your towels as well. Anything that comes into contact with your body that could potentially be holding up a lot of bacteria, is a cause of harm to your face and the rest of your body. It can lead to severe acne. So better being cautious now than being sorry later!