6 Surprising Habits That Should Affect Your Eyesight

6 Surprising Habits That Should Affect Your Eyesight

With everybody around you nagging you on the fact that your poor eyesight is a result of you having too much of screen-time, be in your smartphone, laptop or tablet, leads you to question what other reasons could there be for your bad eyesight?

To find solutions of a problem, you must first know what is causing the problem. Well, for starters, it might be things other than your screen as well. There are a lot of many reasons for your eyesight problems. Maybe if you’re able to identify a couple of them, you’d be able to get that perfect vision that you’ve been wanting.

1. Screens of all kinds

6 Surprising Habits That Should Affect Your Eyesight

Starting with the very obvious, this is the leading cause for poor eyesight among people. Computer Vision Syndrome is a condition, as the name suggests, stating that the hard-blue light that is emitted from screens cause people to lose their perfect eye vision.

There have been many researches made, on such was done by the American Optometry Association (AOA). It stated the symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome include very harsh problems like blurred vision, dry eyes, burning eyes, sensitivity to light, among other very serious problems. The only solution to this problem is to give your eyes some well-deserved rest away from the screens.

2. Pregnancy

6 Surprising Habits That Should Affect Your Eyesight

Along with the many troubles that a woman has to face through the magical process of having a baby, troubles with your eyesight is sadly one of them. According to one research, the issues could range from blurred distance vision, trouble seeing street-signs, poor night vision, among other problems. However, thankfully, these issues mostly go away as soon as the baby arrives. Whew!

3. Skipping your berries

6 Surprising Habits That Should Affect Your Eyesight

According to a research by the University of Massachusetts Medical School found that people who did not have enough berries in their diet tend to have lesser and weaker night vision. The reason behind this is that berries are packed with antioxidants and provide the very important nutrition that we need for a good eyesight. The most important one these berries are ‘Bilberry’, but nonetheless, all berries should be consumed according to the season, to keep your eyesight at a good stage.

4. Some Medications are to blame.

6 Surprising Habits That Should Affect Your Eyesight

Not to point fingers but according to a research conducted by the Lens and Eye Toxicity Research Journal, there is a correlation between your acne meds and your eyesight. Basically, an acne medication that contains 13-cis retinoic acid or more commonly known as Isotretinoin, increases your eyes’ sensitivity to UV lights therefore, more UV light is absorbed into your eyes. This leads to your perfect eye vision going down to where you would never want it to! It’s always best to consult a professional in regard to this beforehand.

5. Get more sunlight!

6 Surprising Habits That Should Affect Your Eyesight

Many studies have been conducted which have concluded that vitamin D has led to many eyesight related problems. Other than depression and feeling low, staying indoors all the time could also lead to impaired vision. The studies claimed that lack of sunlight leads to accelerated macular degeneration, and this takes place more often in women that are over the age of 50.

As it is a known fact that sunlight aids in the production of dopamine, the real process of this is when your retinas are exposed to direct sunlight. The studies also claimed that the women who were exposed to sunlight regularly were very much less likely to suffer from macular degeneration. So, turn off your screen and head right outside (after reading the next possible cause of your bad eyesight, of course!).

6. You’re a Book Worm

6 Surprising Habits That Should Affect Your Eyesight

These are the kids that were always set as an example by everybody’s parents. However, ironically, it was these same kids that always had thick glasses glued to their heads as well. Ever wondered why?

This very controversial study from Ophthalmic & Physiological Optics could answer your question. The study basically claimed that myopia or nearsightedness, as it is more commonly known, is caused by all the extra time one spends with their nose buried in their books.

However, critics of this theory have claimed that it might be because these children do not get enough exposure to sunlight as their preferred way of spending quality time is in their rooms, reading. Therefore, they believe it is deficiency of vitamin D that causes eyesight problems for them.