7 Effective Drinks to Clean Your Liver Naturally

7 Effective Drinks to Clean Your Liver Naturally

It is indeed astonishing that we sometimes neglect the largest internal organ in our body- the liver. When was the last time you remembered your liver as a key functional internal organ in your body?. It is quintessential that we pay attention to our liver, and here are seven vital drinks and foods that will help in cleansing of this very important internal organ of the body.

Fatigue, yellowness of the eyes and skin, obesity which are liver cancer symptoms, are caused by a fatty or unhealthy liver. People die frequently on account of liver disease.

From the records, 31,000 people die each day in the States as a result of chronic liver disease. It is quite unfortunate that these are needless deaths that could have been prevented. Prevention is better than cure, so to keep your liver from this threat, here are a few natural drinks and foods to keep your liver functioning at its zenith.

1. Carrot Drink

7 Effective Drinks to Clean Your Liver Naturally

Taking carrots can have a a very healthy impact on you. All you need to do is to simply get a blend of carrot and spinach with small quantity of water and your carrot drink is ready.Take the carrot drink and bring relief to your liver.

Vitamin A is efficacious in preventing liver disease, and this Vitamin A is found in carrots. These carrots also contain antioxidants like beta-carotenes and flavonoids . Enjoy your carrot drink because it will refresh your liver.

2. Leafy Vegetable drink 

7 Effective Drinks to Clean Your Liver Naturally

Vegetables are very essential to your body for liver health. Spinach, beet greens, romaine lettuce and kale are good leafy vegetables. Making a refreshing juice from these leafy vegetables is a healthy choice  as they go directly and fast  to the body system. An intake of salad is okay as well.

Have a wholesome drink of your leafy vegetables, you may like to also add some carrots for more vitality. Taking vegetables detoxifies (cleanses) your liver and acts on bile. You can be sure that your body will be as fit as a fiddle as you take vegetables regularly.

3. Regularly Take Green Tea

7 Effective Drinks to Clean Your Liver Naturally

In your quest for a good tea, end the search by taking Green tea. This tea helps to fight liver cancer as it is rich in antioxidants which eliminate free radicals. Sometimes, the presence of fat gives the liver more work to do, green tea is effective in burning or breaking down the fat.

A regular intake of cups of green tea refreshes your liver. To avoid an excess work load on the liver, you may take it without sweeteners.

4. Turmeric Drink

7 Effective Drinks to Clean Your Liver Naturally

As one of the most prevalent spices in India, Turmeric is most effective for the liver. Turmeric drink can be prepared by grinding turmeric. Get a spoon of turmeric powder, put it into water and allow it to boil for a couple of minutes. To the solution, add a little quantity of black pepper and lemon juice..

There is no doubt that Turmeric helps to prevent liver cancer, and in the case of a damage, inflammation or side effect, you can count on Turmeric for liver cancer treatment.

5. Don’t Neglect The Citrus Family

7 Effective Drinks to Clean Your Liver Naturally

 The Citrus family comprises fruits like tangerine, lemons, grapefruit, oranges, clementines, and limes, and the very rich in vitamin C and contain antioxidants. The presence of these antioxidants prevent liver cancer. A freshly extracted citrus fruit drink sets your body in good shape. In addition, a freshly prepared lemon juice in water is a very powerful liver cleanser.

6. Always Take The Beet Drink

7 Effective Drinks to Clean Your Liver Naturally

For cleansing and supporting the liver, beets, beet green and beet drink are pretty much necessary. Regrettably, beets are not fruits we take often. They cleanse your blood by increasing the amount of oxygen in it. They facillitate enzymatic reactions and the production of bile. Beets are rich with Vitamin C and fibre and are good for the liver health.

To get beet drink recipes such as lemon ginger beet, spicy basil beet, watermelon and beet drinks, you can surf the internet where there some great beet drink recipes.

7. Take Foods Rich In Fibre

7 Effective Drinks to Clean Your Liver Naturally

One basic characteristic of foods rich in fibre is their ability to bring about movement in your bowels. As this happens, it helps the liver in the removal of toxins . Some of the drinks mentioned on this list are fibre-rich. To add some fibre to your drinks for liver cleansing, get apple and cauliflower juice. In addition to that, you can add bananas, avocados, oats, or chia seeds

You can consume more water to further keep your liver fit. Give yourself a wholesome mix of all these drinks daily and you will have a healthy liver.


7 Effective Drinks to Clean Your Liver Naturally

Hence to conclude this article, intake of these healthy drinks can be very beneficial in preventing chronic liver diseases. In addition to all these powerful liver cleansing drinks and foods, there are other very important things to be done to maintain a healthy liver. Consciously curtail your intake of alcohol as it causes cirrhosis when taken in excess. Control your intake of analgesics and pain relievers as they affect the liver when taken in excessive dose. Unprotected sex and illicit use of drugs should be avoided as they cause a liver disease called Hepatitis B. Ensure that you do some regular exercise and lose some weight for your liver health.