7 Foods to Avoid Eating if You Have Trouble Sleeping

7 Foods to Avoid Eating if You Have Trouble Sleeping

There are a lot many different things that can negatively affect your sleeping pattern or the quality of your sleep. The reasons behind it can range from mental problems like emotional stress, to sleeping disorders like insomnia, to problems that are physical and related to your bodily functions like heartburn or different types of pains or aches.

Losing sleep for large amounts of time can lead to even greater problems like a higher chance of heart attacks or strokes! Other problems that are said to be due to a serious loss of sleep include high-blood pressure, neurological disorders or even being extremely cranky throughout your days of a bad sleeping pattern.

People usually jump towards medications to solve their sleeping problems without being aware of the downsides that these medications have. Among serious medical issues that they may elevate, a person may also become dependent on the medicines for whenever they need to sleep. Dependency is never a good habit. So before jumping towards medications, maybe have a look at your diet and the impacts that it has on you?

It’s a known fact that caffeine, in any form, should be avoided right before you’re headed to sleep. Be in the form of tea or coffee, consuming it in the daytime is the wisest of all decision if you’re aiming for a good night’s sleep.

However, it doesn’t stop here. There is a multitude and variety of foods that you should be careful when consuming at nighttime as they may disrupt your sleeping pattern.

Citrus Fruits

7 Foods to Avoid Eating if You Have Trouble Sleeping

Fruits are always considered a healthy snack and we are encouraged by doctors and our elders alike, to consume them as much as we can because of the positive benefits they have on our health.

However, having citrus fruits late at night may be messing with your sleep! All citrus fruits are high in sugar and acid both. Being high in sugar means that it gives you an extra energy pump which you need least before you’re going to bed. And being acidic would lead it to severe heartburn or even very painful gastrointestinal problems.

Citrus fruits should be reserved for the morning when you actually need that extra kick. For the night, however, ‘mellow’ fruits are the best like apples, grapes, kiwis, among other fruits.


7 Foods to Avoid Eating if You Have Trouble Sleeping

Broccoli is a very healthy vegetable that some people tend to use as a snack as well. However, since broccoli is a cruciferous vegetable, it is high in fiber. Like all cruciferous vegetables, it may become a cause for extra gas during digestion. And since it is packed with fiber, it can become difficult to digest it. So, it’s best to avoid it in the nighttime when you’re planning for a peaceful sleep.


7 Foods to Avoid Eating if You Have Trouble Sleeping

If you have a small bladder and you feel that you sleep is constantly interrupted because of the need to go to the toilet and having to pee, you should try avoiding celery at nighttime.

Like watermelons, cucumbers or iceberg lettuce, celery contains a high amount of water. Even if you decide not to drink water after dinner so you’d have to pee lesser, fruits and vegetables like celery can end up filling your bladder and you would be back to level 1.


7 Foods to Avoid Eating if You Have Trouble Sleeping

Meat generally contains a high level of protein and fat. While it is very good for your health, it is best of avoid meat at nighttime and try to compensate by having other sources of protein.

All sources of protein take long to digest but read meat is especially difficult to digest due to its heavy amount of fat in it. Which means it has a higher change of causing serious stomach aches or indigestion which is the last thing one needs when trying to sleep.

Spicy Foods

7 Foods to Avoid Eating if You Have Trouble Sleeping

Spicy Foods have always been seen as a snack to be avoided before bedtime. The reason behind it is that when one lays down the stomach acid tends to pool around in the esophagus. This leads to severe heartburn.

More recent studies have also proved the link between nightmares and late-night spicy snacks. A good night’s sleep isn’t always about its quantity but about its quality as well which is without a doubt ripped apart if you get up time and again due to scary nightmares.

Sweet Treats

7 Foods to Avoid Eating if You Have Trouble Sleeping

After a long day, as a part of unwinding, you would want to indulge in your guilty pleasure. However, it would not be such a good idea as your guilty pleasure might disrupt you of your time for rest and sleep. All sugary treats include a high amount of sugar (no surprise there!) which leaves you feeling more energized and alert which is the last thing you want when you come home very tired and just want to get some good sleep.

Among these sweet treats, the most important one to avoid is chocolates. Chocolates basically has both caffeine and sugar. Both of them create a doubled effect of energy upon you which would stop you from falling asleep peacefully.

Fast Food

7 Foods to Avoid Eating if You Have Trouble Sleeping

Fast food is in general considered very unhealthy. However, having it just before bedtime is always a horrible decision. The reason behind it is that fast food is usually very greasy which makes it very hard for the stomach to digest it easily and quickly. This can also lead to very bad heartburn that obviously leads us back to our disrupted sleeping pattern. However, if you found it very difficult to stop yourself and have already indulged, try laying on your left side as it may help with the heartburn by a great amount.


7 Foods to Avoid Eating if You Have Trouble Sleeping

Having discussed all the food that may be disrupting your sleep, it is equally important to be aware of the fact that going to sleep empty stomach is not a good decision either. Your body still needs energy even if it’s just preparing to sleep! And the hunger pangs that come with being empty stomached can also become a cause for poor sleep.

The trick here is to have proportionate food at night. Like a spoonful of peanut better, or bag full of popcorns, or even a scrambled egg! Now go have a good night’s sleep now that you know what might help you with it!